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National Science Library (NSL) was set up in 1964 in order to provide a full range of S & T documentation and information services. One of the basic objectives of NSL is to build a comprehensive collection of S & T publications in the country and offer services on a national scale. NSL acts as a referral centre and clearing house for the best utilisation of existing collection in the country and extends its services to the nation. The acquisition policy of National Science Library aims to acquire and retain all important S&T publications published from and relevant to the country. Further to strengthen its resource base, NSL acquires foreign journals and databases on CD-ROM or other electronic form as per its mandate and need. NSL subscribes to almost all Indian S & T periodical publications, and nearly 450 foreign S&T periodicals including Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Minimum journals..

For more details about Library, please contact to:
Mr. Sanjay Burde
Head, National Science Library
Phone No: 011-26517565
E-mail: sanjayburde@niscpr.res.in; nsl@niscpr.res.in              
Ms. Swarnlata Upadhyay
Technical Officer
National Science Library
Ph. 011-26560141, 011-26560143
E-mail: swarnlata@niscpr.res.in
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